Mega Millions climbs to $224 million

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 posted 10:02 AM EDT

These lottery jackpots are getting out of control lately. Last week it was a $258 million Powerball jackpot that went to a convenience store dude with $28 in his bank account and no front teeth. Now nobody hit Tuesday night's (April 27, 2010) drawing of the Mega Millions winning lottery numbers so that payout will grow to an estimated $224 million when the next drawing goes down on Friday.

These multi-state lottery jackpots will just continue to get bigger as more states join in the Powerball and Mega Millions drawings. My home state of Massachusetts just joined in on the Powerball action a few months ago and I have to admit I buy some tickets when I see the payout reach these huge amounts. I know it's foolish to say it's not worth it to play when it's "only $100 million" but something about the $200 million number jumps out at me when I walk by the sign outside the local convenience store.

Anyway, here's the information you're really looking for. The Mega Millions winning numbers from Tuesday, April 27, 2010:

23 - 37 - 41 - 50 - 55 with Megaball 6

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