Unveil Your Lottery Wins with Match Finder for your lottery tickets

 What is Match Finder?

You never have to worry about missing out on a winner! Match Finder is the easiest, surest way to find out if you've won. Click here to see a sample result.

Now we have a more accurate Match Finder for Pick 3, Pick 4 players. Match Finder can tell if your Pick 3 numbers are

  • Straight
  • 3-way box/combo
  • 6-way box/combo
  • Front/Back pair

Sample Result

Match Finder can tell if your Pick 4 numbers are

  • Straight
  • 4-way box/combo
  • 6-way box/combo
  • 12-way box/combo
  • 24-way box/combo

Sample Result

There are 2 kinds of Match Finder you can use:

  • Instant Match Finder Just enter up to 10 sets of ticket numbers at one time to check exactly what numbers on each set match the official winning numbers from any time period.

    Even better - Now you don't have to repeatly enter your numbers. You can easily save your numbers and recall these numbers when access the page next time.

    Select a state

    Select a game

    Next, you will be prompted to enter up to 10 sets of numbers to activate Match Finder.

  • My Match Finder - Match Finder has been personalized. You can save up to 100 ticket combinations in up to five different games on our database, and add, modify or delete numbers at any time!

    What's that mean for you? By signing onto your account, you find out instantly if you've won, because our computers do the checking for you!

    Want it to be even easier? Try this. You can choose to receive Match Finder results via email. My Match Finder will send you notices to your e-mail mailbox, within a couple of hours after the winning numbers are drawn.

 Why use Match Finder?

  • It's so EASY to use!
  • Don't ever take a risk on not knowing you're a winner. Here's a story you should keep in mind. Don't let it happen to you.
  • Never again worry about writing down winning numbers every night, and straining to see if your tickets match up.
  • It's straightforward and easy to read. Match Finder tells you how many numbers you matched, in an easy-to-use table.
  • It's convenient. You don't even need to type in number! Let a click of the mouse do it all for you.
  • You manage your numbers at your convenience. Add, modify or delete your ticket numbers seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

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