Lottery Strategies and Tips

 Play with Wheeling System

Successful lottery players don't depend solely on good luck. They take sensible steps to significantly increase the likelihood of having a winning ticket. Playing With Wheeling Systems is one of the smart step to take.

A Wheeling System is a powerful systematic method for playing lotto games and covering many possible winning combinations. It's been proven time and again that players using Wheeling Systems win more often than those using Quick Picks or randomly choosing numbers.

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  • How it works?
  • The 3 types of Wheeling Systems, their benefits and drawbacks.
  • The 5 elements of a Wheeling System
  • How the 1000+ wheels of's Wheeling System will help you become a winner!
 About Lotto Pool

These are also called Lotto Clubs. People join together to share in the cost of buying tickets and then share in the winnings. A lotto pool can consist of several, dozens or even hundreds of players. Joining a lotto pool can reduce the cost of playing and increase the chances of winning.

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  • Advice on starting and operating a lotto pool
  • How can's Lotto Pool Manager benefit you?

 Don't delay in checking your lotto tickets and claiming your prizes

You can't know if you're a winner if you don't check your lotto tickets and the official winning numbers. Believe it or not, millions of dollars in prizes go unclaimed every year because winning ticket holders don't realize they've hit the jackpot. Every state has a time limit for claiming prizes.

In June 2001, a New Jersey man almost missed claiming the $46 million he had won in the multi-state Big Game. Click here for the full story.

Yes, it is tedious to check your tickets against the official winning numbers each day. makes it easy, however, with our Instant and Personalized Match Finder. By using My Match Finder, you find out exactly how the numbers on your ticket match winning numbers of any time period. You can even check if you have won the last drawn winning numbers with just one mouse click.

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