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 Michigan Lottery

Michigan (MI) Lottery General Information

1972, Amendment to the Michigan Constitution to allow a state-run lottery, 73% yes vote. Enriching the lives of the residents and schools of the Great Lakes State, the Michigan Lottery is a ticket-based, state-run lottery operation. At state-sanctioned retail locations, the public can purchase instant-win scratch tickets or tickets for drawings potentially worth millions.

About 90% 0f the money collected from these sales is given as prizes or to the State School Aid Fund. Since its inception in 1973, the Michigan Lottery has contributed nearly $8 billion to schools and awarded about $10 billion in prizes.

Michigan collaborates with Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Virginia in a six-state lottery called the Big Game, now Mega Millions.

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Michigan Lottery Drawing Schedule
Powerball Double Play        
Mega Millions          
Lucky For Life
Classic Lotto 47          
Lotto Double Play          
Fantasy 5
Fantasy 5 Double Play
Daily 4 Midday
Daily 3 Midday
Daily 4 Evening
Daily 3 Evening
Poker Lotto

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Michigan Lottery Contact Information
Michigan Lottery
101 E. Hillsdale
P.O. Box 30023
Lansing, MI 48909

Phone: (517) 335-5756