Delaware Play 3 Day Past Winning Numbers

Delaware Play 3 Day past winning numbers, organized in reverse chronological order by drawing dates.
Delaware (DE) Play 3 Day Past 30 Day Winning Numbers
From: SUN 04/28/24   ~   Thru: TUE 05/28/24
TUE 05/28/24 6-4-4
MON 05/27/24 7-1-1
SUN 05/26/24 8-2-5
SAT 05/25/24 4-4-8
FRI 05/24/24 5-1-2
THU 05/23/24 0-5-5
WED 05/22/24 5-8-7
TUE 05/21/24 2-8-5
MON 05/20/24 6-9-4
SUN 05/19/24 5-5-8
SAT 05/18/24 9-2-3
FRI 05/17/24 6-3-9
THU 05/16/24 0-2-9
WED 05/15/24 0-1-2
TUE 05/14/24 2-9-0
MON 05/13/24 6-9-6
SUN 05/12/24 8-5-1
SAT 05/11/24 6-5-2
FRI 05/10/24 0-7-8
THU 05/09/24 6-6-9
WED 05/08/24 5-9-9
TUE 05/07/24 4-5-3
MON 05/06/24 7-2-2
SUN 05/05/24 8-1-8
SAT 05/04/24 0-4-5
FRI 05/03/24 7-7-3
THU 05/02/24 1-4-4
WED 05/01/24 8-4-4
TUE 04/30/24 7-7-9
MON 04/29/24 3-8-7
SUN 04/28/24 5-1-7
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    How to Play Delaware Play 3 Day?

    PLAY 3 is a daily numbers game. You pick any three-digit number and choose a bet type.

    1. Mark your drawing time: DAY, NIGHT or BOTH (remember to use blue or black ink or a pencil). No DAY drawing on Sunday.

    2. Mark the number of drawings you want to enter, up to seven. To enter today's drawing only, leave this section blank.

    3. To enter future drawings, mark one or more days, up to a week in advance.

    4. You can play up to five games on each play slip. For each game you want to play, it's as easy as ...

    5. Mark three numbers, one in each column, from 0 to 9. (If you play Front Pair, mark the first two columns only. If you play Back Pair, mark the last two columns only.)

    6. If you make a mistake, check the VOID box and use the next game panel; don't erase.

    7. If you want the computer to pick numbers for you, mark the Quick Pick box.

    8. Mark the amount you want to bet: 50¬Ę or $1.

    9. Mark the bet type you want:

    Straight: Play any 3-digit number. Must match winning numbers exactly.

    Box: Play any 3-digit number. Must match winning numbers in any order.

    Front Pair: Play any 2 digits. First two digits must match winning numbers exactly.

    Back Pair: Play any 2 digits. Last two digits must match winning numbers exactly.

    Straight/Box: Combines a 50¬Ę Straight bet and a 50¬Ę Box bet for a number on the same ticket. The combined wager is $1.

    Combination: The same as 3 or 6 Straight bets at 3 or 6 times the wager amount.

    Check out what you could win with each bet type.

    10. To enter your PLAY 3 bets, give your completed play slip to the Retailer.

    11. The computer processes your play slip and issues your tickets. Your Retailer will tell you the total amount. Hold on to your tickets; you'll need them if you win!

    12. Remember to always check your ticket before leaving the Retailer location. - More About Delaware (DE) Play 3 Day Lottery provides the below information:
    • Delaware Play 3 Day drawing results (winning numbers), hot/cold Numbers, jackpots
    • Delaware Play 3 Day Prizes and Winning Odds, wheeling system, payout, frequency chart, how to play, how to win, etc.